Hi, we’re Bigmouth Audio. We’re a boutique audio post production shop specialising in imaginative sound design for animation, digital and children’s media.

We’re not so much a business, we see ourselves as the leaders of a crusade! Activists in the animation audio revolution. Supporting the motion graphics maestros and cheering on the pre school Picassos. Standing shoulder to shoulder with the troops of Toon Boom and the Mavericks of Maya!

We offer our global client base voice casting and recording as well as international voice localisation into any language. We provide a kickass sound design service and our abilities to write a tune and put together a score have been MAS award nominated!

Whenever your show is sent straight to “studio 5” to make way for that cool new 6 part drama, we’ll be there! Wherever there’s an intern at the helm, we’ll be there! And whenever your flung aside in favour of a feature film, God damn it, we’ll be there!

We know all to well how challenging it can be for producers to get their shows funded and made in today's industry - particularly for those working in animation and kid's TV. That's why we created Bigmouth. A sound design partner for producers who take all aspects of their shows seriously. We can work with you from early development and pitching to give you the competitive edge or that extra level of quality, straight through to final delivery. Our clients work with us because we are passionate about telling great stories. 

We were born to support the underdog. Made to lead the mission. This is audio post for the punks, the dedicated dreamer and those who go their own way.

So join us in our #AnimationAudio crusade and say “Long Live The Revolution!”