Senior Sound Designer

Bigmouth Audio are looking to recruit experienced senior sound designers on an ongoing basis. Applicants DO NOT have to be based in Glasgow or Toronto. 

Work With Us

We are always looking to add the right people to our team! If you are insanely talented in the area of sound post production and have an undeniable passion for animation and telling great stories then we want to hear from you... NOW!

You can drop us a line at anytime with your info or check out the specific roles we are looking to fill and get in touch via the online application form related to the job post.

Either way please make sure you read all the application criteria carefully and follow our submission guidelines.  

Submission Guidelines

  • Please provide a show reel no longer than 3 minutes in duration with all submissions 
  • Please detail what your role was in relation to each segment of your show reel
  • Please provide a full CV of any relevant work experience (if applicable) 
  • Please provide your full name, address, email and phone number

Responding to Your Application

  • We receive a large number of submissions so please note that we may be unable to respond to all speculative applications. Applications specific to job postings will be responded to in due course.