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About US

stephen scott
About US

Bigmouth Audio is an award winning audio post facility, specialising in English & multi language voice dubbing for animation. Founded in 2012 to provide producers of animated content with a superior & dedicated service.

We have exceptional sound engineers and work closely with the very best voice talent, agents & directors in the UK & US to help our clients achieve their goals whether in feature films, television, commercials, video games or brand integrated content.

We’re not so much a business, we see ourselves as the leaders of a crusade! Activists in the animation audio revolution. Supporting the motion graphics maestros and cheering on the pre school Picassos. Standing shoulder to shoulder with the troops of Toon Boom and the Mavericks of Maya!

So join us in our #AnimationAudio crusade and say “Long Live The Revolution!”

What we do:

Dialogue & ADR Recording

English Voice Dubbing

International Voice Dubbing

Voice Casting & Production

Sound Design & Foley

Re-recording Mixing

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