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Voice Casting

stephen scott
Voice Casting

Voice Casting & Production

Voice casting is often the first step in creating an outstanding and memorable animation project but it can also be one of the most complicated. With so many moving parts to juggle it can be extremely difficult to execute this process to yield the best possible results - on time and on budget! 

Over the years our team have developed strong working relationships and partnerships with some of the most renowned talent agencies in London, L.A and New York. Whether you are looking for a truly experienced animation character voice actor or a celebrity voice, we are ideally placed to cast the best voices for your project - every time. 

Step 1: Casting

Once you have a show bible, character and/or casting brief we will review this with you and make sure we have all the information we need to begin the casting process. With this information we will liaise with the top talent agents in the UK & US, whom we have developed successful working relationships with, to request voice reels and/or custom auditions (if a sample script has been provided). 

Once we have made a short list of the best voice reels / auditions to match your project we will package these up and send to you for review. 

Step 2: Recording & Production

We work with several sound recording studios in the main entertainment hubs such as London and L.A as well as having studios in Glasgow & Toronto. This allows us to produce world class recording sessions in the best facilities world wide and with Source Now and Skype we can arrange for you to direct any session from anywhere. 

We can also provide a 'VO Capture' service during your session where we will arrange for the actors to be filmed during their performances. As experts in animation audio we understand the value of this to our clients - allowing them to better animate their characters, improve lip sync and ultimately get a better understanding of their characters. 

Step 3: Post Production 

Once the recording session has been completed we can provide our clients with a full post production service. We can clean up the dialogue recordings (remove noises, breaths, clicks & pops), deliver circled (preferred) takes and deliver a clean pause edit. 

Voice Services:

  • Casting 
  • Recording & Production Worldwide 
  • Voice Direction
  • VO Capture (Filming of actors during recording)
  • Post Production