Monster High

Welcome To Monster High

Working with our sister studio; Elba Music & Sound we were brought onboard by Flaunt and Mattel Creations to provide full audio post production for this first film in the reboot of the Monster High franchise. 

Our role involved working closely with the producers and director to initially explore the key sound design elements within this film. Each character had to have a specific and recognisable sound for when they would transition into their monster alter egos or access their individual and unique powers! 

Once we had developed the key signature sounds or hero FX for our ghouls we spent a significant amount of time recording foley sounds. Experimenting with different source materials to achieve just the right sounds (leather hot pants and gloves work very well for bat wings - just make sure everyone else who works at the studio knows why these items are in your bag). 

We were also responsible for the final 5.1 dubbing mix as well as all stereo mix downs. A brilliant project to work on and a delight to collaborate with Flaunt and Mattel.

Studio: Bigmouth Audio // Elba

Our Role: Sound Design | Foley | 5.1 Mix

Client: Mattel // Universal

Production: Flaunt Productions // Axis Animation